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Elan Azure is a woman-run, woman-centered collective dedicated to making you feel like the powerhouse of the universe that you are.

We believe every woman deserves to embody the absolute best version of herself through self love, self care, self assertion and self expression.

By prioritizing yourself and embracing your unique taste, style, interests and desires, your inner light will shine brighter than you ever believed possible.

The key is being fully present and living in the NOW…by doing something nice for yourself today, instead of tomorrow.

We at Elan Azure believe that the little things in life go a long way to make you feel amazing. Whether it’s taking a walk, buying a pretty pair of earrings or indulging in a calming face mask–the smallest steps will take you anywhere you want to go.

As busy women we often tell ourselves, “I just have to take care of something else and then I’ll take care of myself.” We put our jobs, families and responsibilities first. We say we’ll exercise or meditate or get a facial later.

But the truth is, when we put ourselves first, we actually have more energy to give back to the world! Give it a try. Take care of yourself, and watch everything else fall into place.

At Elan Azure, we are adamant that life is too short to compare ourselves to others or measure ourselves against ridiculous, unrealistic beauty standards. There is no formula or prototype for success and happiness except fully embracing your unique, beautiful, powerful self.

Authentic beauty radiates from the inside out. Expressing your truest you through fashion, fitness, and a little pampering will make you feel unstoppable. And when you feel unstoppable, you can accomplish anything.

What Client Say ?

"Fun and stylish boutique with exlusive Skin care from Holywood!!! Every girls should come and see this place. Play dress up , get Skin are advice and take cool pictures. I absolutely recommend!"

Melvin Colon

Happy Client

"Great skin care! Have been using their creams for 3 months and love it. Going to get infrared light therapy device today! Great stuff."

Lura Frazier

Happy Client

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