On My Ones And Too-s
On My Ones And Too-s

On My Ones And Too-s

A double chin, crow’s feet, bat wings mixed with calves that would never fit into knee high boots. Or idealizing a pair of jeans that hung in the front of my closet and were 4 sizes too small; and me, too delusional to realize they would never fit me. Not because I don’t have the ability or encouragement to lose weight but because ‘low rise’ means it sits by the hip and no matter how much excess weight you lose around your mid-section your HIPBONE will not shrink until you are “blessed up” with osteoporosis.

Not everything is meant for everybody.

That doesn’t just go for clothes or diets. It goes for all your goals and resolutions and with the start of every New Year it is easy to spiral.Mentally marking up your body, pinpointing all the inadequacies you want… NEED to change about yourself all in one go. With no one to really talk you out of it because everyone else around you are consumed by “2s.” You’re too pale, too tan, too quiet, too loud, too much makeup or too little on. I learned about “1” last year. I am the one in control of what I feel when I catch a glimpse of myself in any reflective surface. I am the one who can stop me from having seconds or enjoying thirds. I am the one whose has live with me and love myself 24/7.

Be your one!

Equip yourself with the tools you need in 2019. The first tool on your belt should be confidence. And it can come from two sources: yourself or others. If you are the one to supply it, you will never run out. Endless and unwavering confidence is knowing you can radiant a room even if your frizzed hair is up and concealer is non-existent, while you are in your baggy sweat. And with a renewable source confidence you have the fuel to get through any day. But, also knowing when you put my best foot forward (equipped with even the tiniest of kitten heels), with that type of confidence monuments will move out of my way!

Don’t be coy about receiving your confidence from others. If it is from weekly compliments or if it is from a mildly expensive bubble bath that makes you feel luxurious, or even a bejeweled statement necklace that pulls your simplest outfit together. Don’t feel like you need to take the 330 some odd days we have hating everything about yourself before you can love yourself.

Be your number one in 2019; because to most everyone else you’re a ‘too’- you are too fat before you are too skinny.

We proudly introduce our new ÉLAN AZURE program to get you ready for New Year, way before others will start working on their own “New Year Resolutions”. We individually designe program for each of you. It will include facials and skin care advice, our stylist will come to your house and will help to rearrange your wardrobe. As well exercise and nutrition education! Ask for more info, email, call or come to Old Orchard Mall and find us in Nordstrom Wing.

Written by Talia M. Eapen
Photos by Monika

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