Healthy Mommies, Healthy Babies
Healthy Mommies, Healthy Babies

Healthy Mommies, Healthy Babies

This is no ordinary love… Mother and her child. I think it is so important to adopt a healthy lifestyle, especially when we have children, so they have a taste of a fine quality life. In addition feeling good and healthy yourself. I didn’t know otherwise, but to be active and eat well, because of my mother. Since I don’t have children of my own yet and Mother’s Day is just around the corner, I talked to quite a few mothers that prioritize teaching their kids what every mother should: healthy habits. What helps them to keep up with juggling their careers, family and still having some time to educate themselves about the nutrition, exercising and ways to ground yourself from all this craziness?

Very talented and busy photographer Neringa Keraitiene amazes me with her ability to make the best out of her career while being well balanced mommy and wife. I thank her for beautiful pictures and taking the time to share her thoughts.  She pointed out few things that all the mommies I talked to had in common:

1. Make active and healthy lifestyle your own habit first. “Start before you become responsible for another human being( if you can, of course). A healthy lifestyle and active recreation have been important to me for many years. I have really always dedicated time to training and attention to nutrition. However, this lifestyle became even more important when we started trying to get pregnant with our daughter. Every day, I designated time to study up on healthy diet choices, vitamins, and trace elements important for our growing organism. To Neringa healthfulness means being healthy in body as well as soul, and it was during this time of my life that I began to practice holistic wellness. Several times a week, I took the time to go walking, at least 10-15 kilometers. This was not only good for me physically, but it also elevated my mood significantly.”

2. Stay committed. ” After the birth of our daughter, I stayed committed to being active and I would involve her in my physical activity. I would walk and hike long distances with her in her baby carrier, which helped me gain both strength and energy while spending time with her. I would also run in the park with her in the stroller, so she knew it is our time together.”

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3. Whatever your interests are, find like minded people. “The birth of our daughter also prompted my interest in raw food and plant-based nutrition. I was opened up to the wonders of green juice cocktails, vegetable milk, sprouted grains and seeds, etc. I learned that we should all be eating a diet of many natural colors–a food rainbow. The internet allowed me to become self-educated; there are so many wonderful raw and vegan lifestyle blogs and YouTube channels, as well as many brilliant healthy lifestyle activists to follow on Instagram. I have joined this application and greatly enjoy sharing the moments of my family’s daily life and the positive choices we make for ourselves, in the hope of inspiring others.”

4. Make it your own and have fun. “Focus on  introducing the best lifestyle possible to your child. Overall, I am thrilled to have the opportunity to show my daughter the methods and values of a healthy lifestyle. Being a mother is the most significant source of motivation in my life to prioritize wellness.  I like to document and share our daily diet, which is plant-based, and gives us the energy to live happily and fully. We eat lots of fresh fruits, berries, vegetables and green smoothies. Additionally, I try to keep our daily intake of water very high as this is critical to a truly healthy life. As far as physical activity goes, I still walk daily in the morning with my daughter for fresh air. I also incorporate running, Nordic walking, and cycling whenever possible, but I also give myself time for my mind and body to rest and recuperate.”

Most of women made it sound like leading a healthy lifestyle in their families is not that complicated. I guess we will always find time for what we want. And without any judgment I absolutely believe a mental and physical balance of our children will deferment the future of many generations to come…. Special thanks to all the women who are eager to be their best, while setting example to their offspring’s. If there is a way I can help, please feel free to contact me. And I am giving a significant 30% off on all of my transformations packages. Just book your free session and choose mother’s day special!

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