Fitness transformation of Kotryna
Fitness transformation of Kotryna

Fitness transformation of Kotryna

What made Kotrynas transformation so successful? Kotryna has been working out with Roma at Elan Azure for eight months now. In the first two months, she lost twenty-six pounds and went from large to extra small in clothing size. She has continued to get increasingly fit and happy since and still works hard for it, but now it became her habit, her therapy. Besides working out we had extensive conversations to open her mind up to opportunities instead focusing on downfalls. In her final transformation photo shoot she learned little things like posing and make up secrets, stressful outfit changes, that made her so much more comfortable in her skin. Here is her story…

Five Essential Things I’ve Learned Throughout My Journey to Wellness

#1 That feeling down should not be the norm
Through my transformation, I realized that feeling down and lacking confidence is no way to live. Once I started feeling good again, I realized how much time I’d wasted feeling bad. We are all entitled to live peacefully with happiness in our hearts, and that state of mind is achievable.

#2 Finding out what is important to you
Once my mind became free of insecurities, it was astounding what became clear to me. In all facets of my life, I became better able to see what warranted spending energy on, and what did not. I realized how important my career is to me and how successful I want to be. I used to put this on the back burner, not because I didn’t care but because I was afraid of failure. I don’t feel that way anymore.

#3 It’s a journey, not a destination
During the process, I did focus on the results quite a bit, but what made it possible to keep going was recognizing that my work was a process, not an instantaneous result. I would remind myself that it’s not supposed to be easy, and focus on each individual task and milestone. Being able to lift just a half pound heavier or do one more rep made me so happy, and the small triumphs got me through. Then, before I knew it, I had results!

#4 Having a mentor
Roma held me accountable for everything, and this made all the difference. She put so much time and energy into me, that I knew I had to give that back myself. Whenever I’d crave something unhealthy I’d think about having to tell Roma the next day what I’d eaten, and I’d avoid the food. Knowing someone was there to both cheer me on and kick my ass made all the difference in my progress!

#5 Meal planning
My individualized meal plan was to eat every two and a half hours, absolutely no excuses, and this really helped me stay full and keep my metabolism running well. I came to really love lean proteins such as chicken and fish, which helped me build lean muscle. Most importantly, keeping a log for Roma of everything I ate helped us analyze my choices and modify accordingly. There is no way I would have seen so much progress without an individualized meal plan.


Q: Why did you start working out?

A: I started working out initially because I realized I was somewhat overweight. I started at first because it really bothered me that my significant other made nasty comments about my weight gain, but then I also realized that I wanted it for myself. I’m not getting any younger and I can’t stop time, but I can work on my body in order to be my best self.

Q: How long did it take you to actually see a change (in terms of pounds, energy, fit of clothing, mood, etc.)?

A: I was really surprised at how quickly I noticed a difference, which happened in about three weeks! I started seeing Roma four times a week plus going to the gym once a week on my own. For a sixth day of exercise, I played paintball for fun, which involved a lot of running. After the second week my energy and mood were better than ever.

Q: What would you say to a friend who is struggling with self worth and weight management?

A: Honestly, the first thing I would do is take them to Roma. I would obviously encourage my friend to love and accept herself as well as to practice self care, but really, no one is as motivating as my trainer.

Q: Did you work out before? Diet previously? How did the results differ?

A: I worked out but I, like so many people, stopped because I felt that I never had the time, so obviously that hindered any results significantly. When I was working out, however, I was skinny but never toned or strong (what Roma calls “skinny fat” sometimes jokingly). In terms of diets, I’ve tried them all, but so many of them were just bad for me–making me too restrictive or obsessive, and leaving me drained of vital nutrients. Roma’s diet plan for me was perfectly tailored to my individual needs. Overall, in short, I’ve never had results even close to the ones I have now.

Q: Does it seem to be hard for the people you know (your girlfriends, etc.) to adopt and maintain a healthy lifestyle?

A: Actually, I am very lucky to have friends and coworkers who are committed to living a healthy lifestyle. Having a community of people who all strive toward being healthy really helps you stay on track yourself.

Q: How did your new workout/diet plan change your life?

A: It changed me completely. I got myself back. And by that I mean my positive attitude, my sexiness, and my energy all returned. Previously, I was so down and just closed off to people. I feel amazing now, bottom line. I feel that in general I am able to get so much more done, whether at work, home, etc. My life is genuinely happier.

Q: We’ve all heard the phrase, “I will start Monday,” meaning that new tasks and challenges get pushed back or avoided completely. Were you one of those “starting Monday” people before? What would you say about that mentality now?

A: Yes I was absolutely that girl! Monday would come around and I’d say, “I’ll start Wednesday,” and then when Wednesday came around I’d say, “Okay, next Monday!” Now? No way. I need to work out at least three or four times a week in order to maintain my overall happiness. I love the feeling I get after workouts. Now I’m excited for them, not avoiding them!

Q: Are you happy with your body now? Have people noticed the difference or complimented you?

A: I love my body now, and as I said earlier, I genuinely feel sexy. I can look at myself and actually say, “I look great.” I’ve been getting a lot of compliments–a surprising amount of them, actually. I’ve never really been given so much positive feedback and at first, it was hard to believe. But now I am able to receive and believe compliments because I believe them myself.

Q: So, why go to Elan Azure?

A: Elan Azure is the best, hands down. Roma cares so much and is a pleasure to work with. She makes sure that your form is right and that you don’t hurt yourself, which is so important. She makes sure that you get what you want and what is best for you. I love that with Roma, it is always a challenge, but the absolute best type of challenge, and you will see your body change drastically within weeks. The diet plan is perfect because you are truly never hungry. You eat substantially, but all good and healthy foods. The things is, Roma actually cares about your success; she becomes part of your journey and helps you stay on track every step of the way. Elan Azure is the partner you’re looking for when you don’t know where to start but know that you need to make changes.

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