8 simple steps to successfully set your fitness goals
8 simple steps to successfully set your fitness goals

8 simple steps to successfully set your fitness goals

What is the secret of successful goal setting to get fit? When you work step by step toward something that is important to you, it doesn’t matter how fast or slow, you do generate a continuous feeling of success and achievement within yourself. The most important thing you can do to create those feelings of success is to write down your goals. Most fitness people have successful exercise regimes and blueprints how are they going to get to their future body. And you don’t have to be an athlete to have that plan but sadly statistics shows only 3% of adults have clear vision what are their goals.


Step 1: develop desire to be healthy and fit. Don’t feed yourself from fear( I am afraid to be fat), but do it from desire(I want to be healthy ). They’re both very powerful but fear will overtake the greatness of this journey, desire, on the other hand it’s like a burning fire within. It does have the power to change you at the core! You already know how you are when you really really really want something!

Step 2: believe you can be fit and healthy! You must believe it is possible at cellular level. You gotta feel it in your bones that your goal is achievable.

Step 3: Write down your goals,once your goals are in writing its concrete. And be specific (pounds lost or gained, maybe dress size, etc. .)

Step 4: Get emotional. Get to the bottom of it! Why would you want to change(be honest with yourself) What triggers you and your brain. Focus on your emotions and I promise it will help you to stay motivated.

Step 5: Set a deadline. Specific time and place that you achieve your goal. And if you do fail to reach it don’t give up, just set another deadline.

Step 6: Make a list of people whose help and cooperation you will require to achieve that fitness level you desire. Choose family, friends, maybe coworkers, your doctor or a personal trainer. Analyze with them your starting point and write out your action plan in detail: 1 milestone at a time. Make sure you discuss it with people that only truly support you and encourages you to the fullest.

Step 7: Use visualization. See yourself participating in activities that provides you and with energy and zest for life. Imagine already how your body looks like when you reach your goal. Feel how you would feel as you already there. Visualize your self playing with your kids, being in a better mood and all the positive affects on your lifestyle.

Step 8: Keep going! You need to stick with your efforts for at least 3 months. Don’t overthink that number, take one week at a time or a day. Once you hit the 90 day window you can be assured that you created a lifelong habit. It will be so much easier because it is easier to be fit then to get fit!

We are creatures of habit, so it won’t be easy, but it won’t be as hard as you think, if you will follow those steps! Don’t fail to plan unless you want your planning to fail. You could probably use those rules for many life situations not just fitness. I’m learning to apply those to my finances. And I’m getting to the point that I’m not anxious to open up my bank account lol.
Good luck!


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