How to deal with your imperfections
How to deal with your imperfections

How to deal with your imperfections

There is no need to be perfect in order to inspire others. Instead, be encouraged and encourage other people to be inspired, by how you deal with your imperfections. I am trying to find comfort and a sense of fulfillment at every stage of life, despite and because of my imperfections. And despite your own imperfections and mine, I want to encourage you to see further down the road, past whatever roadblocks you may currently have in front of you.

Today in particular I have felt lost, like nothing is in my control, like I didn’t know where and how to start my day. I had some previous arrangements (thank God) so I had to motivate myself this morning somewhat against my own will. As the day has gone on, though, I still haven’t been able to get rid of my anxiety, and even a hardcore workout didn’t help. So, I have sat down at a coffee shop with plenty of space, have closed my eyes momentarily, and have reflected upon the times I have felt this way before: anxious for seemingly no reason, paralyzed by feeling wayward.


What were the worst outcomes of those days and situations?
What bad things happened that my anxiety might have reflected?
And you know what occurs to me?
Nothing! That nothing bad happened on those days!
Absolutely nothing.

Besides wasting time needlessly worrying or being ambiguously afraid, everything went as it always does: I had dinner, watched some episodes of bad TV, and didn’t die. Nothing in my life changed drastically enough in my life to warrant so much unease.
So I’m reminding myself today that sometimes inexplicable anxiety is okay. Sometimes we just need to sit with these feelings and remind ourselves that it’s okay to feel out of control, it’s okay to feel lost, and that ultimately, anxiety doesn’t equate to catastrophe. Remember that “this too shall pass,” that tomorrow is a new day, and that there is a long road ahead full of both hurdles and triumphs.


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