Big Thanks
Big Thanks

Big Thanks

Yesterday when I worked out I listened to a very old playlist. It was amusing to me how some of the songs caught me off guard this time around, but in the best way. Many of these songs used to be too emotional for me to listen to without crying because many of them got me through some very tough times. For a long time I couldn’t listen to them. However, yesterday, every one of them made me smile. Even as I listened to them and remembered the pain, I felt a sense of satisfaction because I can now truly see that everything that has happened to me in my life was supposed to happen and that I am who I am because it! Both the good times and the bad have informed my life and I am thankful for this.

Our lives are like playlists themselves, full of musical tracks of various genres and moods. And we keep adding to those tracks during times of pain and times of joy. And just like playlists evoke many emotions simultaneously, our lives reflect these same complexities. Over the years I have started to understand how so many complex and even conflicting emotions and experiences work together to make us the multifaceted creatures that we are. For example I now feel it is possible to feel both happy and sad. Likewise, through my journey to attain physical wellbeing, I also believe it is possible to feel sexy and humble simultaneously!

I have been lucky enough to evolve and continue my process of self discovery and understanding; the process is never ending, of course, but it’s been rewarding. So I want to thank all of you: my family, my friends, and each soul I meet and interact with, for being in my life. For all of the great times and all of those who have stood by me through hard times and mistakes. Someone once said, “beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself.” And being yourself means embracing all aspects of your life: the challenges and the celebrations. So this Thanksgiving I wish for you all to find some person or experience that you never thought you’d be thankful for. Our greatest adversities, our “enemies,” our most painful losses–they make us who we are and it is liberating to be thankful for them!

To share one very personal event, it has been exactly ten years today since my father passed away. While it was an incredibly painful experience, I can finally reflect on this loss and be thankful for the ways in which it has motivated me positively. I can now finally reflect on what was once too painful for me to face, and I can now see how this heartbreak inspired my personal growth. I am also so thankful for the time I spent with him and for all of the memories I have with him.

So let yourself free! Thank yourself too for being you. Enjoy your holiday, eat some mash potatoes for me. Happy Thanksgiving. Off to work out now 😉

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